Letus35 Ultimate

The Letus35 Ultimate Adapter Support Bundle with Sony EX3 / EX1 adapter ring (or HVR Z1 adapter ring) is a lens adapter bundle based around the Letus35 Ultimate adapter. The Ultimate adapter allows the video camera to have access to PL mount cinema lenses that create a shallow depth of field. The Ultimate offers the highest quality and best features from Letus35 and allows the user to work with an upright image. Along with the Sony PMW-EX1/EX3 Ring, this bundle features a V2 rod system and a hard case.

Two other components are optionally needed and can be selected below:

  • Shallow depth of field is a very powerful tool for telling a story and getting specific details across. Many feature films use this tool, yet video cameras with small CCDs cannot produce this optical effect.
  • This adapter involves the concept of using a 35mm cinema lens (PL mount) to project an image onto a translucent piece of moving glass; the projected image is then focused on by the DV or HDV camera lens and recorded.
  • Letus35's concentration is on sharp focus, aberration, grain, barrel distortion, audible noise, vibrations and weight, making their adapters an excellent optical accessory.
  • The image is read upright for using IOC technology and only loses 1/2 stop of light sensitivity.
  • A Sony PMW-EX1/EX3 Ring attachment is provided for adapter connectivity with EX3 / EX1 camera’s
  • Smart Spinning Ground Glass
  • X/Y Adjustment
  • Variable RPM motor with LED Display
  • Full Stop Down Ability on a 35mm Lens
  • External Power Option
  • A version 2 support system with 45cm rods comes with this bundle, offering stability and the capability of adding more accessories.
  • A hard case is featured with this bundle, offering a professional and secure transportation system.

Optional Lenses

If the Nikon lenses are too loose on the Nikon mount

Some lenses may be too loose on the Nikon mount. The Nikon AI mount we offer is designed to work with a wide variety of lens brands and you may find that some lenses are not as tight as they should be when mounted.

To adjust the tension of the lens holding ability of the mount, use a small flat screw driver or other flat object to carefully expand the space on the three flanges located around the perimeter of the inside of the mount (see image below).

Adjusting the Nikon Lens mount holding tension

There is a slot cut on these flanges that can be expanded or contracted as needed to adjust the lens holding tension to the amount you desire.

If your Nikon mount seems too tight and does not easily release lenses, you can compress these flanges to decrease the friction.


per dag: 30,-
per extra dag: 15,- (50% korting)
per week: 120,-