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As a freelance filmmaker I like to create a setting where people feel comfortable to tell their story. What are our motives for the choices we make? What are the goals we have set for ourselves? When these motives involve a struggle, sometimes we find it hard to put them into words. I am searching for answers while creating at the same time a proper context in which these answers get their meaning. Because motives define who we are, they can make a story with a main character. A story that can serve as a mirror: in which the viewer recognises something of his own struggle. I believe it is always possible to make a compelling narrative, even if the content meets prejudice or seems too technical to comprehend.

Drie-daagse cursus “Filmen en zakelijk vloggen met je smartphone“. Met video werk je zowel aan de zichtbaarheid als aan het imago van je onderneming. En met een smartphone op zak is er niets meer wat je tegenhoudt om met je eigen productie te beginnen! Aan het einde van VideoForum ga je naar huis met je eigen film: dat kan zijn een vlog, uitlegvideo, reportage of promofilm. Misschien iets voor jou?
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I am eager to connect to people and to understand them. In the final edit I take care of a proper context in which expressions are embedded genuinely. This context is not depending on the interview alone; it’s a blend of many ingredients. A gaze could say more than a thousand catchy sentences. Film is therefore an wonderful medium to convey stories.

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Tell me your idea, and I can polish it. Even if you have no idea at all, I can help you to make a concept from scratch. Tools we can use are a briefing, a pre-interview, a script, a storyboard or a mood board to give your idea’s hands and feet. But sometimes improvisation on the spot is just all what is needed.

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Film production

I endlessly survey the innovations in the field to improve productions. But film is more: a magical mix of framing, movement, lighting, detail. My backgrounds as journalist and linguist have provided me with techniques to help people transform their essence in words, powerfully and poetically.

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As a perfectionist I know a film is never finished. I am particularly interested in a debrief: only together we can make things better. All finished productions are backed up in two-fold ánd in a non-destructive way: titles, logo’s, music you name it can be replaced or removed whenever needed, for eternity.



AndreI have been working as a freelance filmmaker for over 10 years now, and gained access to a wide network of professionals. Shooting documentaries, news stories as well as narrative commercial all over the world. I have great interest in a myriad of people. That’s why I felt inspired by New Journalism. This phenomenon back in the ‘70s emphasizes ‘truth over facts’ and is characterized by an intensive reportage in which reporters like Truman Capote literally immersed themselves in their stories. I like to inspire people to portray themselves at their best ‘truth’ and show something of their struggle, and by doing so their strength. So what about my own struggle? I am the son of a mother with ‘weak nerves’ who needed structure and attention. My father was born in Indonesia during colonial times. In any family conflict I was involved he told me: the oldest has always right. I was the youngest. It gave me an urge for fairness, and I think it had a positive effect on my empathic abilities.


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André Kloer   •   James Cookstraat 4-HS   •   1056RZ Amsterdam   •   +31641512846   •   andre@march21.nl